The Lisa Congdon Sessions

Episode 24: Lisa Olivera on Embracing Our Complete, Flawed Humanity

Episode Summary

Some of you may know Lisa Olivera from her popular Instagram feed - and that’s how Lisa discovered Lisa and her work. Lisa Olivera is a font of wisdom and compassion. Through her own inner work unlearning false beliefs she had about herself --- many of which stemmed from learning she had been abandoned by her mother as a newborn – she has become a trusted teacher to those who follow her and therapist to her clients. She writes about self worth, radical acceptance, community and living in our full humanity. Lisa Olivera has just published her first book, Already Enough: A Path to Self Acceptance. In this new book, she explores how our stories affect us. She guides us through reframing the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and what we deserve so we can remember that we are already enough, just the way we are. Through the book, she guides us toward healing. The book is tender, hopeful, and inspiring, -- and it’s also utterly practical and down to earth. In this episode, Lisa chats with Lisa about the book, specifically her own story, working through the ever-present feelings of not being enough, shifting mindsets and changing the stories we tell ourselves about who we are so that we can live more fully – in our complete, flawed, humanity.

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